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Ecommerce Chrome extension


Extension Forces was able to quickly and efficiently take my project concept, build a scope of work and immediately begin development of the program we outlined. From there they provided daily communications of project status, confirmation of my expectations and creative ideas for aspects of the project goals. Additionally, they were patient and understanding of my non-programming knowledge as we worked through many details.

Prior to this project, I hadn't used an agency before, mainly due to my own concerns of the overhead costs I might incur. Unfortunately, this "cost savings" in the past, lead to programming delays and unreliable contractors. During initial discussions I realized that Extension Forces would be able to handle all aspects of my project and I became less concerned about cost as timeline and quality was more important. Ultimately, cost was never an issue as they are extremely efficient and they were able to develop this solution in a timely and quality manner. I couldn't be happier with how this extension turned out.

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