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Grading software for google classroom

Using modern IT solutions in the educational sphere made the process of acquiring knowledge more accessible than ever while also simplifying teacher – student communication. At the same time teachers have lost a significant amount of control over their students since homework can now be done and submitted online. It has become much harder to determine how much time a specific student has spent performing a certain task, whether they had an intense study session or coasted through it without putting much effort into their work, or even whether someone helped them get their homework done. The goal of this project was to create an effective evaluation tool that teachers using Google Classroom could utilize to monitor and grade their students’ work.

While drafting the terms of reference, the developers closely studied the principles behind the Draftback extension for Google Documents. The main function of Draftback is to allow a user to literally play back the revision history of any document, but it also offers statistics on the timing and amount of work done in an individual document, which was of more interest to our client. Using the information available in the Google Classroom API, we were able to provide statistics and data visualization of work for an entire class at one time, including multiple assignments at a time selected from Google Classroom through the user’s teacher account. To respect privacy concerns, we chose to store all data on the user’s device.

Development of the extension was broken down into steps, with the outcomes of each step approved by the client. This ensured that the client could immediately use the product and test it out based on real data. This collaboration contributed to us being able to identify execution flaws previously unaccounted for and improve on them in a timely manner.

The original interface displaying data on homework and other tasks performed by students looked like so:

With time, more scaling and tracking options, as well as timeline navigation were added.

At this stage we have found that the interface became excessive and lost much of its convenience. A UX specialist has been added to the team. As a result of this collaboration we got rid of the first data selection screen while adding its features onto the timeline page, as well as grouping the controls for further user convenience.

The goals set originally have all been reached. Now when a teacher is using the extension, they can see which of the students actually put the time and the work in but for one reason or another hasn’t completed the task and which of them simply decided not to put much effort into their homework at all. In addition, this makes it possible to see at a glance how students distribute their work -- do they all wait to finish an assignment at the last minute, or do some students space their work out over time? Having this information will, in turn, allow them to adjust their communication with their students accordingly.

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