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Our workflow

Watch us work in real time

Our developers report on every hour they spend at work. To evaluate their effectiveness, we use different time-trackers. Hubstaff is our favorite time-tracker because of its convenience and detailed statistics.

Our second choice is Upwork.
You can check at any time who is working on your project and what they are doing.

2. Upwork tracker

Get our Technical Specification

The Technical Specification is our main project document.

Already at the stage of contract approval, we will send you a preliminary work plan with a general description and schedule of development stages.

Later we will create the final version of the Technical Specification. It will include the corrections resulting from the development.

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Our portfolio

Dropshipping extension

We developed an extension for automating dropshipping from Amazon to eBay.

Composite houses

The client sells unique houses made of composite materials. We developed the landing page and provided Facebook advertising.

Grading software for google classroom

Using modern IT solutions in the educational sphere made the process of acquiring knowledge more accessible.