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Developer needed to make a facebook-based google chrome extension


Working with extension forces were two firsts for me: The first full-scale software project I've worked on and the first time I would work alongside people that I've never met in person. Both had me very skeptical coming into the project.

But right at the start date, much of my doubt quickly went away with the first few conversations we had. They had an immediate understanding of what was being built and were suggesting ways of properly executing the extension.

Well within a few days of our time-lined first draft, I got my first look at the extension and I was floored, the project turning out much better than I had originally anticipated. It was only after seeing how quickly and competantly Extension Forces could put out my project vision, was when I went back to the drawing board and began expanding on my original idea as much as possible.

Every new idea I came back to the development team with was met openly, extension forces were never stumped. As they kept building on my idea, they kept me updated daily, and even responded to my messages on the weekends.

Although I have never met this team, they understood my project and vision as if I met with them personally everyday. Their professionalism, patience, understanding of software, is quite remarkable. The project I set out to make is nothing compared to what I got, because what I got was so much better. I was allowed to expand on my original vision so much more, and perfect it with the help of this team.

The was a phenomenal experience, and I could only hope to work with this team again soon.

Project content:
data collection facebook scraping api graph chrome plugin data analysis data visualization