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From the idea to first sales

–°omposite houses

We were approached by a company selling unique houses made of composite materials. Their all-weather autonomous residential module was an absolutely unfamiliar and unique offer on the Russian market.

The customer wanted us to develop a website that would attract potential customers and invite them to a presentation of the house.

Marketing model development

To attract an audience, we decided to develop a landing page based on the AIDA marketing model (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action).
First we had to develop a concept for each page to generate interest in the innovative proposal and to present it favorably. We needed to address any objections made after first seeing the product and to motivate the potential buyer to act.

To develop the semantic blocks of the website and work out the customers’ objections, we had a brainstorming session:

Coordination with the customer

One of the most difficult tasks was coordinating website content with the customer, who wanted the website to talk about the product as much as possible. However, we persuaded him that the user should not be overloaded with information. The website should give only the most important data, and the rest can be told at the presentation stage.

The debate on the matter lasted for hours. We even developed another version of the website based on customer’s wishes. Then he compared his version and our result. In the end, the customer acknowledged that our option was clearer and more profitable.


Next, we started developing a design concept and creating layouts. To develop the design, we engaged a 3D specialist, illustrator and web designer:

The designer faced difficult tasks. What we wanted to see in the pictures could not be found on stock photo websites, so he had to draw a lot from scratch. As an example, here is a fragment of a technical specification for the designer:

A bear on the edge of the picture, with huge caricature eyes and the jaw dropping with surprise. In one paw it holds a beehive; the other is frozen halfway from the hive to the mouth. Honey drips from the paw into the swamp along which the bear walked before it saw our space house in the reeds. NEW: Around the house there are elements of autonomous power supply: a power station and electrical appliances (the hunter sits under the air-conditioner, listens to music and watches YouTube videos about fishing). By the way, the house can be painted in khaki or covered with camouflage netting.

The result was pretty good:

Integration and testing

A modern website must display correctly on any device. We took this into account:

We also integrated the website with our own CRM, tested the feedback form, and set up tools for collecting data for web analytics.


Leads were driven to the website via facebook advertising:

We spent $500 on traffic from Facebook and attracted 3,100 visitors:

As a result, we received 70 applications for the presentation.

Also, organic traffic on the website gradually grew.:

From that point website become ready to further massive promotion. Our part of job was done.

If you like what you see, click the button to find out how to become a customer. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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